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Film Set
The camera that's used to make all of my sketches and vlogs!


Short films, dumb small ideas, or anything in between, sketches are the reason we rebranded, so enjoy them!

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Ongoing Sketches/Short Films

The thumbnail from my first official short film.
The thumbnail from my first "The Book Review" about Christmas.
Cooking With Dolan

What's a Sketch?

(this one)

...ok cool but what does THAT mean?

A sketch (or a skit) is a short video where I take on the personality of a character and act for the purpose of entertaining. If the video has an over-arching plot or is over a certain length, it becomes a short film. For example, MPD is a short film series, and "Caffeine Madness" is a sketch. They're pretty much the same, to be honest.

I love making sketches because I love to act and love to make people laugh. By putting on a costume and becoming someone else or being able to tell a story in a creative way has allowed me to branch out on my YouTube channel and meet amazing people, as well as make homework assignments for school much more enjoyable for myself and my friends.

The funniest scene from my parody of "Reefer Madness" where I explain the satirical issues with caffeine.
A screencap from "3 Years Later."
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