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Student Government Set to Approve Funding Bills and Discuss Vaping Policies

by Dalen Brazelton

     Good afternoon, Mavs. I’m Dalen Brazelton, let’s get right into the news.

     The Associated Student Government met for their weekly session tonight to discuss business surrounding the Colorado Mesa campus.

     Resources for the Outdoor Program are being expanded, with the ASG allocating nearly $12,500 for new bikes to combat the dwindling numbers due to theft. Additional funding for the Physical Educator Club is also being looked at so they can attend the Society of Health and Physical Educators Colorado Conference in Denver. Both bills are planned to successfully pass.

     Senator Edwards of the ASG is discussing a possible solution to the parking ticket epidemic that surrounds some students at CMU. Instead of paying for the ticket, students can instead choose to volunteer at the food bank in exchange for relief of up to three parking tickets.

     Vaping policies are being looked at and may be subject to change in the next coming months. Tonight’s meeting chose to table the topic until more information is available, upon which a decision can then be made.

Kanye West in the Northwest

Rapper Buys New Home in Wyoming

by Dalen Brazelton

     Rapper Kanye West has bought a ranch for $14 million in Cody, Wyoming. Monster Lake Ranch, located just outside of Cody, is well-known within the area for being a beautiful venue for weddings, parties and general lodging. However, it’s new purpose is to house A-list celebrity Kanye West.

     It has been long since rumored that West and family were interested in moving to Wyoming, but it wasn’t until Kim Kardashian herself went on “The Tonight Show” that the rumors were confirmed.

A short cinematic of Monster Lake Ranch 

     “We love Wyoming,” explained Kardashian. “It’s always been such an amazing place. My husband did just buy a ranch there…” The former owners of the ranch could not be reached for comment.

     The hype generated from the West’s in the northwest spread far beyond the town of Cody. A Facebook status posted by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody’s largest historical museum, claimed, “Kanye West at the Center of the West? Ye — and his 80-person choral group — host Sunday Service at the Powwow Garden this weekend. Free and open to the public. Yeah, you heard that correctly.”

     Courtney Ostermiller- one of the second row attendees of the Sunday service- recalls, “There was about 10,000 [people] while I was in line, but I’m sure it was a lot more than that.” Other sources present at the service claim the attendance was closer to 4,000, with reports from audience members ranging wildly.

     Ostermiller is a resident of Powell, Wyoming, a town merely 30 minutes away from Cody. Powell also houses Northwest College, a community college of over 1,500 students. When asked about the long-term effects of West’s residency in Wyoming, Ostermiller, a former Northwest College student, wasn’t convinced it would make any difference in enrollment.

     “I don’t think [there will be any effects]. I think we might get more tourists but I think the college attendance should stay about the same. I don’t think people will choose to go to college here just because of Kanye.”

Wedding filmed at Monster Lake Ranch

Cody, Wyoming has long-since been famous for its numerous attractions and historical sites, especially to tourists who enjoy the outdoors and history. Among the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum, Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, and the supposed “haunted” Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel and Restaurant, Kanye West’s Monster Lake Ranch will now be another reason to tour “Yellowstone’s backyard,” as the slogan of Cody, Wyoming goes.     A Google Trends chart shows interest in Wyoming has sparked since the Wests made their

announcement. July of 2019 is the highest searched period for the phrase “Cody Wyoming,” with over 100 searches in July alone. While there are spikes each summer during tourist season, this is the highest on record thus far.

     While the ranch has been known for its scenery and venue possibilities, Monster Lake Ranch’s official website is now temporarily down for maintenance, no longer giving tourists or wedding parties the option to book a room.


Courtesy of GoogleTrends

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