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Edit: Easy Editing Tips (Top 3 Editing Softwares)

Get it? I put "edit" as if I edited the title, but it's actually just a play on words. We're talking about editing today.

An old project from Sony Vegas when I was getting started with more intense editing.

A lot of people seem to think that editing is a huge beast, and it can be incredibly intimidating! However, if you pick it apart piece by piece, editing software becomes a lot more manageable! Let's break it down, shall we?

But which one is right for ME?

There's TONS of different kinds of software out there, with all different levels of bits and bobs to mess around with. Just getting started? Let's save you some money.

Movie Maker

No, I am not kidding. Stop laughing. If you are getting freshly started in video, this is a great tool. Need to put together a slideshow? Just trying to stitch together your kid's elementary school play? Movie Maker is a great, free tool for anybody! The controls have been reduced to it's core. Now, if you're a more advanced videographer, obviously you'll want to upgrade to something that will allow you to edit with layers, but this is an excellent start that I stand by. Even short films can be edited with Movie Maker, like I did in 2015 with my very first sketches.

DaVinci Resolve

Black Magic has made an AMAZING service in the form on DaVinci Resolve. This free to use software has all the capabilities of something like Premiere Pro for none of the cost. While there is a paid version, the free version got me through nearly 3 years of college and is what I entered my first film festival with. My most popular video ever was completely edited in DaVinci Resolve.

Premiere Pro

Yeah, I know, I know: wow, totally wouldn't have thought of that, right? Well that's what I'm here for, dear reader. There's a reason it's called "industry standard." Premiere Pro is great! As a student, you have access to the entire Creative Cloud for just $20 a month. The main benefit for Premiere Pro is that it works seamlessly with all other Adobe products. I can record audio in Audition, create composites in After Effects and then import it all onto a Premiere timeline!

However, there are some downsides. The RAM needed is INSANE and of course it's a recurring monthly payment. However, if you're entering college, a lot of schools will offer the Creative Cloud for free, and it is a requirement to learn how to use it . Better start now!

Now get out there and edit you rascal!
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