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Every game played on the DolanProductionz YouTube channel collected all into one place! Sit back and watch with family.

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Photo Credit: @LemonsGraphics


SkyBlock Sunday Season 3.

Owned by rustydawgt, SkyDawgs was a Kit-PvP and SkyBlock-based server that included unique aspects brought to the game as well as classic techniques. This blend brought multiple people together and featured some incredible builds, as well as implementing PvP within the nether and a custom moon area that kept adventuring interesting.

Photo Credit: @HoruzGFX


A server I currently have been staffing with for over 2 years, the SkyBlock Hub (SB-Hub) is a collection of 4 servers owned by Nick_616. Occasionally, I stream on Planet and Shadow, but the Hub also consists of Survival and Faded. SB-Hub was the previous home of SkyAvalon, which was formerly GalacticSB. This hub is unique in its sense of family as well as competition between and within the servers.


SkyBlock Sunday Seasons 1&2.

The first SkyBlock series on the channel, GalacticSB (later renamed SkyAvalon) was a large part of starting out on my re-branded YouTube personality. Owned by BuddahBalls and then sold back to it previous owner, RaidingRainbow, GalacticSB was home to multiple YouTube contests and amazing people. This server forever lives in my heart.

Other Content

Want some gaming content that ISN'T that blocky game that's spammed everywhere? Wanna see some games that have more movement, flow and adventure? Wanna see someone play these games extraordinarily well?!



We have the first two, and 2/3 ain't too bad.

Can never go wrong with some good old-fashioned Minecraft! This game has been a staple in my channel (if you couldn't tell) since the very beginning! Sparking the desire to re-brand and expand the DolanProductionz name into something more, Minecraft is a very big reason the channel is this size. With the help of GalacticSB, SkyDawgs, and the countless support of you Dewds, Minecraft keeps its charm!

Photo Credit: Lonely6amer

Family is forever...and so is the internet. What happens when you combine those two things?

I don't know,  I'm still trying to figure it out.

In this series (kind of?), I take my family and either play with or make them play games of all kinds. Sometimes it's adorable, sometimes my sister is there.

After hearing about a free video recording software in 2014, I finally decided to try and record Minecraft videos on my grandpa's laptop in what looks like a kitchen.

While the video quality is horrible, all of the videos are still there because it's important to know where you've come from to be ever so thankful about where you're going. Let's all just be thankful I've (hopefully) grown as a content creator since then...

About SkyDawgs

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Photo Credit: @InsideOutGFX

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Owner: rustydawgt

SkyDawgs was, without doubt, one of the bigger deals of my channel. After knowing rustydawgt for quite a while, an announcement was made about a brand new server he was working on! This ended up being a server

called RustyCraft. After RustyCraft died, SkyDawgs arose from its ashes, like a beautiful phoenix. Except this was a dawg, not a bird...but, also a slime in a halo suit? But slimy ash, because it was a phoenix, but...Nevermind.

Photo Credit: @AmyTheMudkip

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rustydawgt is a Minecraft YouTuber, vlogger, and economic political  spokesperson with a combined total of over 23,000 subscribers across 3 channels.

ANYWAY, SkyDawgs was home to loads of amazing staff, people, builders, and JimmyKnight; Jimmy was there too, I guess.

The server ran from January 28, 2017-November 20, 2017. In that time, multiple people, peasant and YouTuber alike, banded together to create one awesome server. Because it was such a big part of my YouTube career with it being SkyBlock Sunday Season 3, I attribute a lot of my growth in 2017 to them. The series sparked a lot of fun and creativity, including fan art from xDreadFox and J124Crafts that made it into every thumbnail possible in later episodes.


Photo Credit: @LemonsGraphics

Photo Credit: xDreadFox

Photo Credit: J124Crafts

Whether it was directly made

for SkyDawgs or the channel,

the art produced by the

community helped spark the

creative bug that bit so many

            Dawgs. Here are some

            of the best pictures from

            the SkyDawgs community!


SkyDawgs How to Get YT
SkyDawgs Live Event


After the SkyDawgs Finale is released, it'll go here! Until then, watch what it took to get the YT rank on the SkyDawgs SkyBlock server!

More About

Photo Credit: @HoruzGFX

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Owner: Nick_616

SkyBlock Hub is one of the most successful SkyBlock-exclusive servers in the world, connecting four unique servers (Planet, Survival, Shadow, Faded) through one Hub, hence the name. The server is ran by Nick_616, who has an extensive knowledge on server maintenance and administration.

Nick_616, while not being the most active user, has amassed over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube.

SkyBlock Hub, while being quite old, resets every so often in order to pump new blood and ideas into the server, as well as letting people use the new blocks constantly introduced into Minecraft. SB-Hub is 1.8 backwards compatible, so you can join if you prefer 1.8, but can join in the newest versions to use those sweet new blocks!

About SB-Hub

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